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Tutus, Tiaras and Talent

That’s entertainment ladies and gentlemen…No, really I’m serious “That’s Entertainment” is the name of the show I was lucky enough to see my best friend perform in. Not only did I witness her star qualities which, by the way, I already knew but I also saw pure dedication by the dancers and singers who just blew my mind to the point of tears. I’ll tell you why this show tops the lot of them for me. Here goes.

I always loved Carousel. Everything about the musical made me feel so much emotion. I’ve loved it from such a young age and have grown up with these songs and musical encounters ever since. Little did I know that just seeing this musical come to life in parts of “That’s Entertainment” would move me as much as it did. There’s something magical about it. That feeling of being overwhelmed in the moment when stages of your childhood are right in front of you once more. The song that really got me going was “If I loved you.” Well I can honestly say that I haven’t cried like that in a long time at least not in an audience of hundreds of people with my friend by my side to witness this. If you’re wondering if anyone else cried then yes they did in fact…my very friend right next to me. This was not just because of me looking like i’d just watched titanic for like the 50th time still forever hoping that Jack really did sit on that floating door but because her feeling of love towards the show was just as much as mine. I can’t tell you how incredible this show was. You’d have to see for yourself, but all I can say is if you love everything musical, hearing pitches so high and low that your ears just fall in love at first sound then you’d adore it too. You’ve heard of “The Overtones” right? Well, they really did just add to the perfection of the whole show. You get that skin tingly feeling and raised eyebrows all in a good way and it wasn’t just their voices that left a blushing faced audience either…if you know what I mean.

Did I mention the costumes yet?
Moulin Rouge and Dreamgirls… eat your heart out. Showbiz on another level people. You’ve got to give it up to the dancers i’m telling you, for one number the girls held feather wings that throughout the whole performance they tossed and turned and swayed as if they themselves had wings. I know for a fact that these are not as light as a feather in any means and their arm muscles showed us just that. Everyone who knows me will back me up on the fact that I love Kylie Minogue. Always have, always will. I could write hundreds of blogs on her alone but maybe another time. I love the showgirl she is and how every girls dream of one day dressing up in all her gorgeous costumes and pretty dresses was always the dream for me. Seeing my best friend up on the stage was like watching Kylie in all her magnificence. Not only does this girl carry an aura like no other, she has a smile so big and beautiful that she gives Julia Roberts a run for her money. What can I say, my best friend is hotter than yours! Na na… na na na. It was a proud moment that will stay with me forever. There were no gold hot pants but the cocktail dresses were to die for. If a showroom were a person then these people would be it. These people, these performers, these perfect concoction of males and females were just… fabulous. The men looked pristine in suits and blazers. I mean did someone say Michael Buble? The females were adorned in glamourous frocks and frills that screamed glamour. Every number brought a new feel to the perfomance that left the audience in awe each time. The costumes added mood and character and this was done so well in fact that it could have been the West End and we’d be none the wiser.

To sum it up, it really did entertain me. These few hours of showbiz allowed my friend and I to share some wonderful emotions with smiles, lots of laughter and of course tears of joy. “That’s Entertainment” are soon coming to the end of their tour but if you can still make it they will be performing @

New Wimbledon theatre 16th-20th August 2016
Southend cliffs Pavillon 23rd-27th August 2016
Norwich theatre Royal 5th-10th September 2016

You can purchase tickets on this website:


That’s all for now folks. May you sparkle and shine and to all the cast and crew of “That’s Entertainment” keep entertaining, because, by god you’re good at it.

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