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The Coroner

New BBC TV drama airs on Monday 16th November. It will be shown every week day at 2.15pm until Friday 27th November. It is a series of ten 45 minute episodes filmed in and around the South Hams. The Cast is made up of Claire Goose (Jane) playing the Coroner and Matt Bardock (Davey) playing the local detective sergeant. Grace Hogg-Robinson plays Beth, the Coroner’s daughter whilst Oliver Gomm is Clint, officer to the Coroner. Beatie Edney (Judith) plays mother to (Jane) closely paired to Ivan Kaye (Mick) the pub landlord. I was lucky enough to work alongside these extremely talented group of people. It was an experience that I felt very proud of and working with such a wonderful crew meant the job was one without a dull moment. I was part of the hair & makeup team and my role was a trainee. This meant helping out wherever I was needed. Sometimes this would mean spending time on the trailer preparing admin for future episodes or hopping on and off a boat for checks on location. Anything I was asked to do I did with a smile on my face and a love for the job. The makeup artists working with me never failed to intrigue me with their exceptional skill set. I felt lucky to learn from the best and working in such close proximity made it feel friendly and very welcoming. This job was varied which made it interesting nevertheless difficult at times due to certain obstacles that came into play. These were anything from the weather conditions, the time factor or the pressure to achieve only the very best footage possible. I personally believe that the team succeeded in every way attainable and the journey was one I shall never forget. Don’t forget to tune in on 16/11 guys! You won’t want to miss this one… 12088416_1030811453629654_9118908516135978707_n

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