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“Natalia was a great student. One of my finest. Quick to learn with the right attitude. Exceeding in the two important attributes of make up speed and precision.”

Louise Constad, MUA

“I had the pleasure of meeting Natalia when she enrolled and came to study at Delamar Academy and I have found her to be a sunny and upbeat young lady. She is a great team player, team leader and conscientious hard worker, who is extremely passionate about her chosen career of make-up artistry. Not only is she professional and great at getting a job done, she is also great company. I wish her huge success for her future and know she will do well.”

Jacqui Read, Delamar Academy

“As a hair designer for new brands I always need a make up artist that is current and up on makeup trends, able to work quickly and professional and deal with a variety of models and celebrities. Natalia Anakkar is all these things”

Lisa Hilton

“Natalia has been a reliable, professional and outstanding beauty consultant for us here at Beauty Consultants Bureau. She is someone who I can personally rely on to deliver a brilliant level of customer service for our clients, and she is regularly requested as priority as a result. I would never hesitate to put Natalia forward for any high profile promotion and know she would be nothing but an asset to our business and our client.”

Allison Cruise, Senior Business Manager

“I am the Managing Director at Delamar Academy, based at Ealing Studios, where Natalia Anakkar took her Higher Education Certificate in Professional Make-up Design 2012-2013.

During Natalia’s time on the course, she proved to be a dedicated and keen student, with excellent time management skills, total commitment and focus to the job, and a helpful and kind team player. Her technical and creative skills were also excellent. She was popular with both her peers and tutors, and was always respectful and collaborative in her manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending Natalia, and feel that she would be an asset to any team.”

Leda, Managing Director at Delamar Academy

“Natalia was responsible for styling our students’ hair for their dance examinations involving keeping to a tight schedule and being able to do a number of different hair styles specific to dance. Throughout her time with us Natalia was punctual, professional and technically capable. She was polite to staff and to the parents of our students and in addition she had a lovely manner with children (age ranged from 5-14 years) for whom she styled their hair. If she were interested, I would not hesitate in asking Natalia to act in the same role again in future.”

Zoe Dawson, South London Dance Studios